This former Disney star is dating the girl who followed him on Twitter for six years

We’ve just discovered a romance plot that perfectly sums up the 21st-century: Fangirl tweets at celeb guy. Fangirl meets celeb guy. Fangirl tags celeb guy in Insta photo. Celeb guy follows fangirl on Insta. Celeb guy falls in love with fangirl. They both live happily ever after and tag each other in many #relationshipgoals Insta photos. *~The End~*


In quintessential Disney fashion, Wizards of Waverly Place star Jake T. Austin inspired the above, modern plot by falling in love with… a fan! 22-year-old New Yorker Danielle Caesar tweeted at the star five years ago and, in a Fairy Godmother-esque twist of fate, she’s now dating him in real life!

Austin recently posted an adorable snapshot on Instagram and captioned it, “I’m crazy for her.” The photo features him and Caesar kissing, which of course, prompted an instant investigation.

  Like their very first conversations on Twitter. Caesar’s very first tweet to Jake was in 2009, in which she wrote, “You’re amazing; sorry just thought you should know that :).” Then, in 2010, she followed up by saying, “I’m gonna deff try & meet you this summer!!” Finally, in 2012, she met her celeb crush, snapped a pic with him at Planet Hollywood, and then tagged him in the snapshot on Instagram. Austin later followed her back and Fate presumably took care of the rest.


“We’re young and having fun just getting to know each other,” Austin told People. “It doesn’t matter how you meet someone – on set, in a coffee shop, at school or in the business. Sometimes you connect with people at the right moment and you just click.” Now, as you can imagine, this romance hasn’t gone unnoticed – especially by hopeful fangirls everywhere:

Essentially, Jake T. Austin and Danielle Caesar may have just started a fangirl revolution with a single Instagram pic. Love is real. The end.

(Images via Jake T. Austin/Instagram; Walt Disney Productions/Giphy; Done and Done Productions/Giphy; Peanuts Worldwide/Giphy; Twitter)

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