Jaime Murray’s Defiance of Stereotypical Ladies

In July, I had the awesome opportunity to go to San Diego Comic Con. As much of my blog coverage at cons tends to have more to do with the experience and the treatment of my fellow geeks than about the Hollywood scene that the event has become over the last five years, this year was a little different.

This year I got to interview the awesome Jaime Murray from SyFy’s Defiance where she plays Stahma Tarr, wife of Datak Tarr, both Castithans from space. Stahma is described as a Lady Macbeth-like character in a society based on castes and tradition. Confused by all those names and words that sound downright unearthly? Check out Defiance for some awesome world building, new species and cool characters.

I am always so interested in the angle from which actresses approach characters, so it was especially cool to talk to Jaime about the many women she has portrayed. So often not heroes or good girls, she has gotten to show the darker underbelly of femininity in stories on TV and in movies. Here’s what she had to say about playing lady villains and what made her get into acting.

Where do you find inspiration for the complex, sometimes totally villainous badass characters you play?

What made you say, “I’m going to go after this – this is what I want to do – create things” ?

I’ll be tuning into Defiance this year for sure. I love me a good genre show with a heavy undergrowth of Shakespearian drama and complex social structures. You should check it out and look for some seriously awesome inspiration in Jaime Murray’s badass lady.

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