Did you notice this subtle callback Jaime made to the very first episode of “Game of Thrones” last night?

**Major Spoilers ahead for Season 6, Episode 8, “No One”**

Last night’s Game of Thrones episode was packed with lots of action (hello parkouring Arya and the Waif) as well as many dashed dreams of fan theorists (sorry Cleganebowl purists)! But there were, as always, many subtle references in the episode, too.


While bullying Edmure Tully into helping him take Riverrun, Jaime brought up Edmure’s long dead sister, Catelyn Stark. Jaime recounts how he actually admired Catelyn because she was a strong woman (like his sister, Cersei).

“She loved her children, I suppose all mothers do, but Catelyn and Cersei…there’s a fierceness you don’t often see. They’d do anything to protect their babies. Start a war…burn cities to ash…free their worst enemies. The things we do for love.“



Sound familiar? No? Okay. Let’s jump back to Season 1, Episode 1, “Winter is Coming.”

Hey, look! A (much shorter) Bran, climbing up Winterfell’s towers just like his mother (Catelyn) told him NOT to.


Well, we all know WHAT Bran saw, but do you remember what Jaime said before sending Bran to his crippled, vision-questing future?


That’s right, “THE THINGS I DO FOR LOVE.” ?

It’s been several years since the wheels of this Game of Thrones machine got going, but Jaime’s lil’ motto has apparently remained the same. Sure, it sounds nice on paper, but when you consider how much both he and Cersei have done in the name of “love” it makes you question their sanity (along with a bunch of other things).

And did you notice Jaime mentioned that Cersei is the kind of mother who would “burn cities to ash?” MAN. All of this certainly adds fuel to the theory fire (no pun intended) that Cersei will eventually become the Mad Queen and destroy King’s Landing. CAN’T WAIT!!!! ????

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