Jaden Smith’s new video for “Fallen” looks like it was filmed on the “Westworld” set, right?

Always reliable when it comes to making us scratch our heads while simultaneously admiring him, Jaden Smith released a music video that looks like Westworld season 2. The song is probably really good, but we’re still so hung up on Westworld that we can’t stop wondering when Dolores is going to walk into the video, drop her groceries, and offer us a chance to go on an adventure with her. The video says it’s set in Calabasas, but honestly, Jaden. We’re gonna have to call you on this. You clearly paid a visit to Westworld and the worst part is, you didn’t invite us.

We’re not sure if Jaden was able to get onto the Westworld set, or if he just found another standing western set, but honestly, this look like Westworld af.


It’s already been noted by the internet that Westworld is shooting on the same set that Blazing Saddles used, which, if you didn’t know, now ya know, and you’ll never be able to unsee it.


Which one’s Westworld and which one is Blazing Saddles? Yeah, exactly.

Jaden’s video is entering a hallowed canon by joining these ranks, tbh, and we couldn’t love it more. Westworld is exactly the kind of show the teenage philosopher probably enjoys.

Check out the full video below!


It would be weird to find this back lot and shoot our own video at it, right? Right, right…

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