Jaden Smith protects Hollywood in a touching tribute to Batman Adam West

If there’s a family we can always expect the unexpected from, it’s the Smiths. Both Willow and Jaden Smith are known for being eccentric artists, creating what they please as they please. The latest exercise comes from the elder Smith, who released a touching tribute to the late Adam West, star of the 1960s Batman television series.

Jaden made a music video in tribute to Batman, recreating the iconic superhero as if he were alive today and living in Los Angeles.

In the video, called “Batman,” we see Jaden lying in a field, and waking up disoriented as the bat-signal shines in the distance.


The video really begins after Jaden, who also plays Bruce Wayne, gets a call asking if he’s Batman. Then, the music starts. A cover of “Jumpman” plays with the word “Batman” replacing it, and we see Jaden bopping all over Hollywood, dancing and singing through the city.

Tyler the Creator also makes an appearance, once again proving that Jaden is the coolest guy we don’t know. And while one may expect Jaden to don a black Batsuit, think again. Instead, he chooses a white version that he’s obviously fond of (it’s the same he’s worn to prom and Kim and Kanye’s wedding.)

All in all, we love seeing Jaden do his thing. And since he plans on breaking into the K-pop market later this summer, we’re glad that he left something to hold us over until we get new music by him.