Jaden Smith reciting “mind-blowing facts” is the funniest thing we’ve seen all week

If you like reading his Twitter account, you’ll love this. Jaden Smith read some facts about the universe around us for a special Vanity Fair video, and we think it’s pretty hilarious.

Why? Well, since the son of actor Will Smith is kind of known for being a bit of a philosopher. The younger Smith is quick to jot down personal observations on Twitter, some which will make you think, and some which will make you scratch your head.

In the video, Smith himself seems a little puzzled. It’s all so much to process at once.

But, we have to admit that while it’s funny, it’s also pretty educational — by watching, we ended up learning a lot.


We never thought about human skin replacing itself before, but — well, here we are. (It happens about 900 times throughout your life, by the way.)

We also imagine that as he was thinking about these facts, his brain capitalized every single word. Since…he tends to do that.

Here are a few more things we learned:

Sharks have been around longer than trees.

Human saliva contains a pain-killer that’s way more powerful than morphine.

There are more stars in our Universe than grains of sand on earth.

We have 50% of the same DNA as a banana.

There’s a certain breed of jellyfish out there that’s viewed as being immortal

And of course, we learned that Jaden Smith is charming and makes some of the best “confused” facial expressions of all time.


(But since we sort of knew that already, it didn’t make the top 5.)

When he’s not pondering life, Jaden Smith creates art. And these days, he’s leaving pieces of artwork around Los Angeles for lucky fans to find. So if you want to feel even closer to Smith (and happen to live in California) pay close attention to his social media accounts. You never know what surprises he’ll have in store next.

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