Update: There’s a reason Jaden Smith was walking around with his hair at the Met Gala

Hello! Entertainment Editor Rachel Paige here! Along with being on the Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Gilmore Girls, Game of Thrones, and all-around Netflix beat, for some reason I have also taken on the “Jaden Smith + hair” beat. IDK how this happened, but here we are again.

Monday night, 18-year-old Jaden Smith attended the annual Met Gala. Nothing out of the ordinary there. But then again, this is Jaden Smith. According to Vogue, he was walking around the red carpet with his own set of mini speakers blasting music (guess it was BYOB, bring your own boombox…?) and instead of clutching like, a clutch or a handbag or a wallet or literally anything else on the planet, Jaden was holding his hair.


I still don’t have much of anything to say about this, but now there’s a follow-up story and we’ve learned WHY Jaden was carrying around his hair. While this was not first on my to-do list today (there’s a new Defenders trailer you know), Editorial Director Gina Vaynshteyn told me I had to write something about it (and she’s going to buy me ice cream).


Okay, so I guess that spoils the surprise: Jaden took his hair to the Met Gala as his date.

BUT WHY? you ask (and I yell to my computer). The reason is simple, and actually kinda sweet: He wanted to bring his sister, Willow, but she couldn’t go. So he brought his hair instead.

In an interview with Vogue, he explains this:

"Since I couldn't bring my sister as a date, I brought my old hair."

Awww. That’s actually pretty cute. It’s kinda like that girl who brought her Harvard acceptance letter to prom, because girl, same. Except this is Jaden Smith, and it’s hair.

But hey, you do you!

Until next time Jaden Smith and his hair do something together! Bye! ?