Jaden Smith just explained why he dressed like Batman for prom

Leave it to Jaden Smith to inspire us to be completely and totally ourselves. The 16-year-old son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith is known for being a little eccentric. You might remember that time he wore a Batman suit to prom…or to Kim and Kanye’s wedding…or when he wore an Iron Man suit just cause. It left some people scratching their heads, wondering if it was just a ploy for attention or some kind of publicity stunt. Jaden cleared things up with GQ.com in an interview:

Being a superhero is kind of a theme in Jaden’s wardrobe. At around thirteen or fourteen years old, he started wearing all black, and then it evolved from there:

Although we wouldn’t mind if he did! If everyone took on Jaden’s philosophy when it came to fashion, walking down the street would be a much more fun experience. You’d pass Spider-Men and Wonder Women and maybe even a few villains as well. That sounds pretty awesome to me.

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