Jacob Tremblay’s 10 cutest awards season moments

If there’s one person who totally crushed awards season this year, it was 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay. The mega-talented Room actor completely stole our hearts. On screen, he made us weep. Then every time he turned up on the red carpet, he did something so flat-out adorable we started crying all over again. Someone please cast this kid in another award-winning movie so we can bask in his cuteness again next year.

Here are our favorite Jacob Tremblay awards season moments:

The time he pretended to box with Rocky Balboa

The “fight”went down at the E! Oscars lunch, where Tremblay said, “I punched him in the face because he took my spot in the best supporting [actor category].” Oh, Jacob.

The time he made Ryan Seacrest totally crack up

In what was surely the cutest awards interview of all time, Tremblay told Seacrest what it was like being a little kid on the red carpet. “I can see lots of legs — that’s my perspective.” Stop being so adorable, Jacob!

The time he met Leonardo DiCaprio and freaked out

We feel you, Jacob. We feel you.

The time he gave the cutest acceptance speech ever

When Tremblay won the Best Young Actor at the 2016 Critics’ Choice Awards, he had to climb on to a box just to reach the microphone (and he STILL had to stand on his tiptoes). He called the award “super cool” and said winning it was the “best day of his life.” But it was the closing line of his speech that gave us eternal heart eyes.


The time he struck a pose

Jacob imitated his co-star Brie Larson’s Elle cover on Instagram, and we fell over laughing. 

The time he celebrated Room‘s Best Picture nomination by being the epitome of cool sophistication There are no words for how awesome this is.

The time he held hands with Lady Gaga


When his parents drove him to the Oscars

Mom and Dad are super gorgeous, but Jacob steals the show. Every. Time.

The time he geeked out backstage

Jacob posted a picture of himself to Insta with all the droids from Star Wars captioned “#squadgoals,” and we fainted from the cuteness.

The time he was the cutest presenter in Oscar history 

“Thanks, Chris. I loved you in Madagascar.” DYING.

Thanks for making this our favorite award season ever, Jacob!

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