When it comes to music, Jacob Anderson knows who he wants to collaborate with on “Game of Thrones”

Season seven of Game of Thrones may have been shorter than previous seasons but it was not lacking in the drama department. Teams Targaryen and Stark merged in more ways than one — if you catch our drift — Littlefinger finally got in over his head, and Cersei proved that she would let everybody die if it meant she got to stay on the Iron Throne. But while many of our GoT staples were plagued with more of their usual drama, many of the often-underused characters were given their time to shine as Gendry emerged from his four-seasons-long hiding — apparently he wasn’t rowing this whole time — Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr returned to relevance, and Grey Worm was finally able to tell Missandei how he feels.

In anticipation for Game of Thrones Season 7 release on DVD and Blu-Ray, we caught up with Anderson over the phone and chatted about how Grey Worm has evolved from stoic soldier to true love interest for Missandei over the past few years and why Team Targaryen is the best. We were also able to talk to Anderson about balancing a career as a musician — he performs under the name Raleigh Ritchie released his debut album You’re a Man Now, Boy in 2016 — and actor and when to expect album two.

HelloGiggles: I read somewhere that you found out you booked Game of Thrones the same week you were signed to your record label. What’s it been like juggling a musical career while being on the biggest show in the world?

Jacob Anderson: It’s difficult. In the beginning it wasn’t quite as hard because I was still recording my first album so there was sort of  no pressure. Once my album came out, [everything changed]. You find a way, I feel like you find a way to do the things that you love. Do you know what I mean? If you really want to do something you’ll find a way to do it no matter what comes up or no matter what, if you have to be somewhere else and we’ve always sort of banged away. HBO and all the production of Game of Thrones having always been really supportive and really helpful and facilitated me to do shows and stuff. I’ve been really lucky to have a good group of people that I work with that help me out.

HG: Your album, You’re a Man Now, Boy wasreleased to a lot of really positive reviews. Do you find that you have a lot of fans who have gotten to know you through Game of Thrones but have discovered your music and fallen in love with it?

JA: I don’t have like a really good sense of that. I’m sure there are people that find me by the show. Hopefully they like the music. But yeah, I don’t really know. I think sometimes people will say to me I had no idea you were a musician, I found you completely by accident. Or there’s people that watch the show and they’ve listened to my music and not realized until quite a lot later that I was in the show.

HG: I guess when you perform under a stage name it makes it a little different so people can kind of separate it and people will after the fact be like oh, [they’re] both you.

JA: Yeah, well that’s what I think as well cause I’ve got a different name for music [Raleigh Ritchie]. It’s not that easy to put two and two together. Also you just wouldn’t think that Grey Worm, you wouldn’t look at Grey Worm as a character and necessarily associate him with my music.

HG: Which Game of Thrones cast member would you most want to collaborate on a track with? ‘Cause there are a lot of musicians in the Game of Thrones world.

JA: Ahh, let me see. That’s hard because I kinda don’t want to say anybody who actually does make music. I want to say somebody fun, like the Night King. Can you imagine his moves? Like on stage, just have him on stage. Every now and then he just raises his arms and gets the crowd all hyped.  

HG: Yeah he would have incredible stage presence.

JA: The crowd would go wild.

HG: So now that the show is headed towards the end what are your plans for a second album?

JA: I went away over the summer and wrote most of it. So it’s just a case of I just need to finish it and hopefully it’ll be out sort of — I’d say next summer. There’s lots of tinkering and tweaking I want to do on it so it’s not quite ready but the bulk of it is there.

Game of Thrones: The Complete Seventh Season is now available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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