Heads up: Jaclyn Hill’s new eyeshadow palette with Morphe Brushes launches tomorrow

If you are like us and are completely OBSESSED with everything Jaclyn Hill, then you probably already know that the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette is set to be released tomorrow. But just in case you let this one slip under your radar, let us remind you that it’s going to be an epic 35-shade palette that truly can’t be missed.

To recap, Jaclyn teased her eyeshadow palette with Morphe on June 5th, which was a long awaited reveal!

And of course, we were intrigued with her huge, colorful palette. And because she had a pretty dope brush collection with the brand before, we knew her eyeshadows were going to be great.

The collaboration apparently took two years in the making and it got a special release date of June 21st. And while we loved her brushes, we were all but very excited that makeup was FINALLY on the table.

Yesterday we finally got a closer look at the shadow action, as Jaclyn shared yet another photo of the beautiful palette. And aside from a glimpse at the highly pigmented shades, we also got massive feels on the personal message etched on each palette, as Hill herself dedicates each one to all of her loving subscribers.Awww!

Filled with bold yellows, alluring blues, and creamy nudes, this $38 palette is sure to be everything you ever dreamed of, as each shadow is said to have both gorgeous texture and intense pigment.

The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette is set to be released tomorrow at 8 a.m., PST! Set those alarms and get your bank account ready!

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