19 of the best Crock-Pot tweets — because if you watch “This Is Us,” you get it

It appears as if This Is Us wants us to have a few long-standing vendettas against household items. Last week’s episode had everyone screaming about BATTERIES. This week’s episode?Crock-Pots. This Is Us has given us a reason to scorn our Crock-Pots, because (and spoilera Crock-Pot is what causes Jack’s death.

Yes, our Pearson patriarch met his end not from drunk driving, or an incurable disease, or being struck by lightning, falling down an elevator shaft, or simply old age. Rather, on the day of the Super Bowl, he woke up in the middle of the night and went downstairs to tidy up for Rebecca, because Jack is THE BEST HUSBAND. Though he turned off the Crock-Pot in the kitchen — a gift from his former neighbor, GEORGE — the wiring for the Crock-Pot turned out to be faulty. The Crock-Pot turned back on, sparked, and soon, it caught fire. All it took was a small little Crock-Pot fire to set the entire Pearson house ablaze.

And we know that there aren’t any batteries in the downstairs smoke alarm, which means that no one’s going to be alerted to the fire right away. This is, tragically, what causes Jack’s death. He dies in a house fire.

We still don’t know the *exact* events that follow next — and how the rest of the family makes it out unscathed — but we do know one thing: Crock-Pots have moved the the top of our shitlist for the time being. Crock-Pots might be on our shitlist forever. Sorry, Crock-Pot. You shouldn’t have taken Jack Pearson from us.



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While we know a Crock-Pot is to blame for Jack’s death — and wow, that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write — we’re still missing a lot of pieces to this This Is Us puzzle. Brace yourselves for whatever comes next.

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