Everything I need to know, I learned from Jackie Burkhart

Hi, guys. It’s August, which means it is my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yay, birthday month! I am not really one of those people who makes everyone celebrate her birthday for like weeks, but I do like to make EINTKILF coincide with my birthday. One year, I wrote about characters that reminded me of myself (Carrie Bradshaw, Rachel Green, George Costanza) and I loved it so much and I want to do something very similar! So, let’s do it!

I have been rewatching That ’70s Show and though I desperately wish I was a Donna, I think I have realized that I am not. I am a Jackie. And that’s kind of wonderful.

EINTKILF Jackie Burkhart

1. It is OK to know you’re beautiful. 
One of Jackie’s main things is talking about her good looks, but you know what? She is really appreciative of other peoples’ good looks as well, namely Michael Kelso, her first boyfriend. Now, I think I have stated this before and gotten some flack for the comment, but I truly believe that appreciating your good looks is a big positive in life. We are all beautiful in our own way and there is nothing wrong with owning that fact. Just ask Jackie.

2. ’70s style rocks!
So since I have been rewatching the show, I have been dying to own basically everything Jackie or Donna wears. And sometimes Eric. I want baseball tees, big jeans, cute sweaters, and all of their hairstyles. I should have been around in the ’70s you guys. I really should have.

3. Love yourself.
Jackie may seem cocky, but it’s really rad that she appreciates everything about herself. She loves herself a lot, even more than she loves Hyde or Kelso, and I personally think that is wonderful. I do not love myself more than every person in my life, but I do love myself more than most of them.

4. Be a good friend. 
Though poor Donna is not particularly stoked when Jackie starts coming around because she is dating Kelso, they end up being best friends, even kind of roommates when Jackie’s parents semi-abandon her. Jackie, though she has her faults, is such a good friend. Not only does she watch out for Donna, she watches out for Eric, Fez, and the rest of the gang. Hey, loyalty goes a long way.

5. Be independent.
At first, Jackie really, really wants to marry a rich man who will take care of her, but that all changes. After Jackie’s father goes to prison for embezzlement, she really starts caring for herself. She got a job when she was really young and she works hard for her money. She doesn’t rely on other people for money, or for her confidence, or for anything really at all.

6. Speak your mind.
I don’t think it is ever stated, buuuuut I think Jackie might be a Leo. She has no problem telling people what she is thinking, how she is feeling, or what she wants to happen. Speaking your mind is incredibly important, and somehow, Jackie learned this in high school. I learned it like…last year.

7. You > World
Jackie loves, and she loves deep. Jackie is passionate, about more than one thing. Jackie knows that her life, and her needs, and her desires are important. And why shouldn’t they be? It is her life, after all. I live my life with a similar mantra: you do you, and then do everyone else. Prioritizing yourself shouldn’t ever be perceived negatively.

You go girl.

Also, Mila Kunis is a goddess and a fellow Leo, so happy birthday month to her as well!

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