Jack Black just released a Goosebumps-themed rap music video and it’s literally everything

Okay, so just to be clear, we all know that a Goosebumps movie is coming to theaters this month and we all know that Jack Black is playing R.L. Stine right? This is important cultural information, people, so if you didn’t know before, thank goodness you do now.

Also important: to promote the film, Jack Black teamed up with Nerdist and just dropped a rap music video entitled “The Bumps Gonna Goose Ya.” Pinky swear we’re serious.

If the title alone cracks you up, then wait ’til you see the actual vid. It’s all your Tenacious D meets Night of the Living Dummy dreams come to life, with a healthy helping of MC Hammer-inspired 90s rap vibes and backup dancers dressed as witches and ghosts. Ready or not here comes the Goosebumps heat:


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The Goosebumps trailer is here and our 90s inner-child is psyched

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