Jack Black, who was recently the victim of a death hoax, is actually alive and well

You can’t believe everything you read on the internet… at least not all the time. If you were (understandably) worried about the comedian and musician Jack Black thanks to a series of tweets that announced his death, you can rest assured he is alive and well.

The account for Jack Black’s musical group, Tenacious D, tweeted some disturbing news earlier that announced Black’s death. At first, it was completely devastating because nobody had any reason (unless they were able to see Jack Black, who was alive and well) to believe otherwise. It wasn’t until a little while later when it became obvious that the account had been hacked that people started to wonder if something else was going on. Eventually, it was confirmed that a hacker had taken over the account and had tweeted the devastating (not to mention completely untrue) news.

Once they regained control of their page, Tenacious D was quick to delete the previous tweets and set the record straight. false

And the band’s guitar player further confirmed that the news was false in a separate tweet later that day. false

While death hoaxes are certainly not new territory for many celebrities who often fall victim to them, this one was certainly scarier than just a rumor gone viral. It seemed completely legitimate coming directly from the source, so we’re really glad to hear the account was just hacked.