Jack Antonoff has a new comedy docu-series (with Lena Dunham!)

Jack Antonoff: Grammy-award winner, songwriter, lead singer of Bleachers, guitarist of Fun., partner of Lena Dunham. . . and, apparently, web-series creator extraordinaire. Later this month, Jack will be releasing Thank You And Sorry, a comedy-documentary combo that was just announced on Google Play yesterday.

So what will this series be about? According to the description of the trailer on Youtube, it sounds like it’ll be pretty crazy:

Thank You And Sorry will be combining real documentary footage taken from the Bleachers’ tour, but it will also include bits of scripted comedy. The trailer is a bit of a whirlwind (it’s only thirty seconds long), but it’s jam-packed with clips of concerts, roaring crowds, and tour antics that have a “behind-the-scenes” feel. The whole thing feels pretty trippy. We know Lena will be in the show, but we also see clips of Olivia Wilde and Rosie Perez in the trailer, and OMG, so excited.

“Making records and being on tour constantly feels like a strange blend between real life and a production of your life the way you imagined it,” Jack explained in a statement. “With that in mind, we did that literally with Thank You and Sorry. When we shot, we would script elements of real situations and the entire process started to become blurry as to what did and didn’t actually happen. Strange times.”

We’re equal parts confused and intrigued, TBH, but we’re excited to see what comes of this mysterious series. Full episodes will be premiering on Google Play in less than two weeks on June 16th. Check out the trailer for yourself, and be prepared to be left both bemused and pumped:

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