A.J. Trauth, the best friend Twitty from “Even Stevens,” is actually a totally low-key hunk now

In 1999, Even Stevens was the jam. This silly comedy featured Shia Lebouf as the lovably weird Louis, a teen who was full of ridiculous antics. He was very different from his sister, Ren, who was driven and studious. Louis hung out with his best friends, Twitty and Tawny, and the group got into all kinds of scrapes together.

Of all the characters on Even Stevens, we loved Twitty the most. Why? Well, because he was basically a goofy dreamboat.


We loved his beautiful, wavy hair that was always getting in his eyes. I mean, just look at his eyes! That beautiful pale green will make any teen girl SWOON!

Twitty was always scheming with Louis.


We were totally with them, because we’d follow Twitty anywhere he wanted to go.

Plus, Twitty knew some pretty sick moves.

Twitty was played by actor A.J. Trauth, and today, he’s a totally low-key hunk, and we are still swooning!


A.J. is so under the radar these days that he doesn’t even have an Instagram, but his wife Leah makes sure to post plenty of pics to show that he’s even dreamier than before with that scruffy beard.

A.J. looks like he has the cutest life, and we’re so happy for him.


Ugh, and he loves his dog too. That’s just too much cuteness!


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