Trust us, you *need* to hear this quirky J-Pop cover of the “Ghostbusters” theme song

We embrace any and all Ghostbusters kitsch with open arms and the latest pop culture delight to have us secretly watching YouTube when our boss is not looking is this: a J-pop cover of the iconic Ghostbusters theme.

J-pop — as we’re sure you know, because you’re so hip — is Japanese pop music, usually in the form of all-girl or all-boy groups. This Ghostbusters cover isn’t by an actual J-pop group, Vulture points out, but instead four Japanese comediennes trying their all (and succeeding) for SonyPictures Japan in promotion of the film.

They’ve got sweet ghostbusting (Ghostbusting?) moves:


And snazzy coordinated dance moves(of course) with their proton packs:


We don’t speak Japanese but we’re preeeetty sure they’re singing, “I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts!” And ~spooky~ ghosts there are indeed!


You’ll see clips of the all-female Ghostbusters cast — Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy — throughout the video, which only makes us more excited for the film. That reminds us, we have to get our tickets! But before you get your tickets, check out the full music video below: