J.Lo’s extravagant beaded bodysuit is an ode to her Catholic school roots

We love bodysuits, but we’ve never loved one as much as the bodysuit Jennifer Lopez just debuted for “All I Have,” her record-breaking Las Vegas Residency at Planet Hollywood. Clad in all its bejeweled beauty, J.Lo showed off an extravagant, beaded number with praying hands that was designed by The Blonds on her Instagram. And besides looking like the fiery Latina she is, J.Lo’s costume is also an ode to her roots. Born to Puerto Rican parents, J.Lo grew up going to Catholic school, which she attended for eight years. The praying hands seen on her leotard are a common motif in Latinx culture, symbolizing the act of benediction and praying with rosary beads, a Catholic custom.

Although we don’t see any rosary beads on J.Lo’s style, the hands are still there and they’re definitely praying. We have to admit, we love the religious reference plastered against J.Lo’s body because when J.Lo sings and moves, we really do feel like our prayers have been answered.

The shimmering bodysuit is sure to turn heads when the performer struts her way onto the stage and into our hearts. The high cut ’80s style leotard may cost some money, but our love for J.Lo doesn’t cost a thing.

Because really, can J.Lo EVER do any wrong? We’re praying the answer will always be no.

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