It’s Jennifer Lawrence’s Birthday: Let Us Remind You Why She’s the Best

Jennifer Lawrence turns 24 today—24! Do you know how young that is considering all that she’s done in her life? She’s won an Oscar, she’s starred in a blockbuster franchise, she’s made tripping and falling a cool thing to do, she’s reminded us on the regular to be candid, confident, and ballsy, and she’s provided the Internet with an endless sea of comedy gifs that we will never, ever tire of. To celebrate her birthday, we decided to run through that list of reasons why she’s our make-believe bestie for life:

Because she doesn’t take crap from anyone. . .

. . .not even her hand.

Because she says what’s on her mind, especially if it’s food-related.


Because, this.

Because she’s confident enough to not have to fake it.

Because she actually parties at awards shows.

.Because she’s like, “here’s how things are going to go” TO THE ENTIRE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY.

Because she doesn’t care if you think she’s cool—she’s that cool.

Because she’s right. Food is delicious.

Because she’s a weird genius when it comes to acting, interviews, awards acceptance speeches. . .

. . .and facial expressions.

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