J-Law, Amy Schumer, Chris Pratt, and Aziz Ansari all hung out together, made our fangirl dreams come true

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to imagine all my favorite celebrities, from all my favorite shows and movies, hang out together IRL. I recognize it’s the stuff of fan-fiction, but sometimes, with a little luck, some organized festival or awards show and the power of J-Law, it all comes together. Or rather they all come together—and it’s magical.

This weekend, that reality came in the form of our new favorite BFFs, Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence, hanging out with Parks and Recreation alums Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt. Seriously. Can you imagine being a fly on that wall?

Here’s how it went down: Schumer and Ansari were in Atlanta on the Oddball Comedy Festival, which they’re currently co-headlining. In a beautiful twist of fate, Lawrence and Pratt were there filming their 2016 space drama Passengers. The foursome, along with Schumer’s sister and comedy partner Kim Caramele, banded together to create a short film Ansari posted on Instagram. Titled “Hi, Guys,” credits include Lawrence as director, Schumer as director of photography, and all five as writers. Pratt’s acting skills have never been so flaw-free.

Ansari and Lawrence also teamed up to do the unthinkable: wake someone up before they were ready to be awake. In this case, it was poor Caramele.

I HATE being woken up by the sound of way-too-excited-to-already-be-awake voices, so I totally get it. But if those voices belonged to Ansari and/or Lawrence, I might make an exception.

Our bar for friendship goals just got raised a little bit higher. Hopefully these shenanigan buds will call us next time they plan the coolest get-together ever.

(Image via Instagram)


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