J.K. Rowling had this incredibly wise thing to say about Trump’s debate performance last night

Whether or not you were tuned into last night’s second presidential debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, it’s virtually impossible to miss the comments on social media that have been dropping at lightning speed.

And perhaps some of the best comments came from J.K. Rowling, who voiced her concerns about Trump on Twitter after the debate.

"The key question, right there, for voters in every democracy. Not 'who is he?' but 'who are we?' #PresidentialDebate"

So just for a refresher, there was a lot of discussion about the leaked video containing Trump’s derogatory comments toward women, and apart from emphasizing that it was merely “locker room talk” over and over again, he offered the simple (and infuriating) explanation that his sexist remarks were “just words.” Rowling was all over that!

"Trump says 'just words, folks.' It's his accusation and his defence. Words don't matter. Facts don't matter. If they don't, we're all lost."

She followed it up with:

"The men rushing to tell us all that they talk about women exactly the way @realDonaldTrump did in his tape seem to think they're helping."

There was also a lot of discussion about Trump’s mysterious tax withholdings, and Rowling wasn’t going to let that slip.

'It's your fault I didn't pay taxes, Hillary. Women let you do anything when you're a star.'

Tensions were certainly high in this debate, and Rowling captured some of the biggest issues in her Tweets. Despite Trump being questioned repeatedly about the leaked video and his reasons for saying such despicable things, he never offered an acceptable answer.

It will be interesting to see what happens at the third debate, and we hope our favorite wise woman author is on hand to deliver another dose of spirited commentary! Trump actually mentioned last night that Twitter was one of the best forms of communication, and he’s right about that — Rowling’s Tweets have been retweeted tens of thousands of times.


H/T: Entertainment Weekly