J.K. Rowling responded to International Women’s Day critics with the most perfect of tweets

J.K. Rowling has not only proven herself to be one of the world’s most influential authors of all time (you know, the whole Harry Potter thing…NBD), but recent years have found her to be an amazing voice of justice, reason, and compassion. And Rowling’s recent tweet about International Women’s Day reminded us exactly why we love her (and that she has a pretty killer sense of humor).

As many of you probably know, March 8th is officially International Women’s Day. It’s a day of the year when the world can come together and recognize just how important women are to the fabric of our cultures and societies. And…unfortunately…it’s a day that still receives backlash from critics and detractors.

But not on Rowling’s watch. Here’s what she posted.


In a single 140-character tweet, Rowling preempted so much of the criticism she would surely receive by merely wishing the world a Happy International Women’s Day, and successfully pointed out a majorly unfair criticism the day all too often receives.

Also, given the fact that women are severely and dangerously marginalized in so very many countries across the globe (and the fact that they still have many strides to make towards full equality in even the most “advanced” and progressive nations), can’t we all just agree that one day celebrating their worth and significance shouldn’t be all that threatening? Just a thought from us over here in the peanut gallery.

At any rate, we were so glad to see this message of solidarity from one of our absolute favorite authors and human beings. Every bit of visibility helps when it comes to spreading the word about women and equality!