J.K. Rowling’s powerful responses to the London terrorist attacks remind us why she’s the queen of Twitter

J.K. Rowling has never shied away from speaking her mind on Twitter. Especially when it comes to world events. Last night, after a terrorist attack in London, US President Trump took to Twitter to criticize London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan. Khan was trying to rally the spirits of Londoners, but Trump took it as an excuse to try to make Khan seem clueless or incompetent. And Rowling wasn’t having any of it.

This wasn’t the first time that Rowling has taken on Trump on Twitter, but it’s probably the most poignant and powerful response she’s given to him. After a tragedy like this, having a leader of country attack the mayor of a targeted city is shocking, at the very least. Rowling highlighted that trying to create more fear and panic does nothing to help heal a city or a country. It’s good that people like Rowling are calling it out on such a huge forum.

Rowling also highlighted England’s strength

A New York Times article stated that the nation was still ‘reeling’ from the Manchester attack when the London attack occurred.

She argued that England isn’t reeling, and to not “…confuse grief with lack of courage”. People are living their daily lives bravely, and aren’t spiraling into chaos. She has also been tweeting  and retweeting about the people who came to other’s aid. And to renounce those blaming Muslims and calling for more guns.

It’s important for people with privilege and influence to speak out against racism and fear-mongering. And to help showcase that good that can come out of a tragedy. J.K. has always been at the forefront of speaking out against hatred, and up for love, and we hope she continues.

All hail J.K. Rowling, queen of Twitter.

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