J.K. Rowling just stepped up the game in her online feud with Piers Morgan

You might not be aware that J.K. Rowling and Piers Morgan are in the middle of a MASSIVE Twitter feud at the moment, and have been for quite some time.

Things between Rowling and Morgan became more heated than usual following Morgan’s appearance on the Real Time with Bill Maher, where Jim Jefferies laid into the rent-a-mouth. Rowling, having seen the clip, shared it to her millions of followers, prompting former-British newspaper editor and friend of President Trump to respond saying he’d “never read a single word of Harry Potter,” leading to one book store to start tweeting the professional troll and commentator with lines from The Sorcerer’s Stone. Awkwardly, Morgan’s son then got involved, where he showcased his Harry Potter tattoo on Twitter…

What’s more, people were quick to point out that Piers Morgan had, in fact, read the Potter books, as exhibited below.

Well, on Valentine’s Day (February 14th), J.K. Rowling laid the perfect Twitter trap for Piers Morgan and he fell right into it.

Sharing a screengrab of a flattering description of herself, Rowling tweeted that she wanted to thank whomever had written it. In the text, it notes the writer thanked the author for “encouraging children to read, feel inspired, and be creative.”

“She has had a greater impact on the world than [many other celebrities],” it finishes.

After sharing the picture, Piers Morgan (who must have an alert set up for every time Rowling tweets) quoted the tweet and wrote: “Priceless #humblebrag BS. Nobody plays the celebrity game more abusively or ruthlessly than you, Ms ‘Intensely Private Billionaire’.”

Unfortunately for Piers, and fortunately for Rowling, people were quick to note that Piers Morgan himself had written the description of Rowling back in March 2010 in a list for the Daily Mail titled “100 British celebrities who really matter.”


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Of course, like a child who has realized they’ve done something wrong, Piers Morgan responded with a petulant retort, claiming he knew that it was his writing.

Tbh, we already knew that J.K. Rowling was an expert at Twitter burns, but this latest one is truly ingenious. Looks like the author won this one!

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