All of J.K. Rowling’s most hilarious fan interactions on Twitter

For one of the most famous authors of this day and age, J.K. Rowling sure does interact a ton with her fans on social media. She’s answered our questions, given us frustrating-yet-brilliant cryptic clues, and even told us that we’ve been saying Voldemort’s name wrong (oops).

But while she’s shed light on many Harry Potter debates by answering our questions, there’s another thing that J.K. is crazy good at: Making us laugh. Her sense of humor matches no other, and we LOVE when she occasionally pops in to quote a tweet or two and make a joke. In fact, she just did that today, when she answered a Draco Malfoy fan account’s question with a jokingly snarky one-word response:

BURRRRN. (But all in good fun.)

In honor of our fave kickass writer, here are all of J.K.’s most hysterical fan interactions on Twitter.

When she helped this guy out (as long as he was treating his girlfriend right)

When she refused to tell anyone what her husband calls her. . . in the most sarcastic way

When she helped out a fasting fan

When she greatly approved of her new nickname

When she wanted to clarify that divination is still pretty bogus

When she set a rumor straight in the most British way ever

When she told the world she’s a Minecraft lover with zero shame

When she proved to us that teatime really does heal all

When she wanted to make her stance on shutting children under the stairs ABSOLUTELY clear

When she clarified that she only drags mean Tweeters

When she wasn’t sure if she should be flattered or terrified

When she shouted right back at someone shouting at her

When she finally answered our biggest question

Oh, J.K. Our adoration for you knows no bounds.

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