This is the ‘Harry Potter’ character J.K. Rowling thinks would make the best boyfriend

The long, ongoing debate as to, “Who’s the best Harry Potter boyfriend?” continues on, and everyone has something say about it. That includes the woman responsible for creating all these BF candidates, J.K. Rowling. Oh, she’s actually got a LOT to say about this matter.

As for favorite HP guys, the list includes – but is certainly not limited to — the likes of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and bad-boy-for-life, Draco Malfoy. Rowling has gone on the record before and explained that she doesn’t understand why so many flock to Draco as their favorite. She wrote on Pottermore last year that she’s “unnerved… by the number of girls who fell for this particular fictional character,” and continued on practically begging us not to romanticize Draco, because, he is “not concealing a heart of gold under all that sneering.” However, the crushes live on. How about Rowling offer up a much better BF suggestion?

Here’s how this BF debate started the other day. The man behind Draco, Tom Felton, responded to a Tweet showing him a pretty interesting T-shirt. The T-shirt read, “Draco Malfoy is My Boyfriend,” heart included.

Felton echoed Rowling’s words, basically asking, are you SURE you want Draco as a boyfriend? Felton even offered up his own BF suggestion — Ron! — and then went on to apologize to Rowling for this continued Draco frenzy.

Rowling, queen of the Twitter reply, answered back, of course.

She still doesn’t get the Draco fascination herself, and she places no blame of it on Felton. But then again, she also places all of the blame on Felton because he grew into a fine young actor, so of course HP fans are going to swoon for him, even though the character he plays in the movies is actually pretty evil. But seriously, everyone, don’t fall for Draco.

As for Ron? No argument from Rowling there. Felton’s a supporter, Rowling’s a supporter, I’m a Ron-for-BF supporter. SO WHERE are the “Ron Weasley is My Boyfriend” t-shirts? It sounds like both Rowling, and Felton (and myself), would buy a bunch of them.

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