J.K. Rowling sent a girl in Syria “Harry Potter” books because she’s seriously amazing

There’s is literally nothing J.K. Rowling can’t do. The writing goddess is constantly wowing us with her incredible imagination and powerful actions that help make the world a better place.

So hearing that J.K. Rowling sent a Syrian girl Harry Potter books after finding out the girl was a fan is seriously making us so inspired by this amazing woman.

The young girl is named Bana al-Abed. She currently lives in war-torn Aleppo, Syria. She has a Twitter account (managed by her mother) that gives tear-jerking insight into what it’s like see war through a young girl’s eyes.

Recently, Bana (through her mom, Fatemah) tweeted to J.K. Rowling after becoming a fan of the movies.

Rowling replied to the girl, saying she certainly hoped she enjoys the books as well.

Bana’s mother replied, explaining the complicated logistics behind getting a copy of the book for her daughter.

The author immediately went to work and simply sent them a copy of the books, directly from her.

Bana replied with a grateful picture and hand-drawn thank you note.

Rowling graciously replied to the thank you note, basically making everyone witnessing this beautiful interaction shed tears of joy.

Some people questioned the logistics of getting books into Aleppo, but Rowling clarified with a quick tweet.

Bana had previous tweeted about how reading helps keep her mind distracted from the difficult conditions around her.

Hopefully, having the magical world of Harry Potter at her fingertips will continue to keep her beautiful spirit lifted.

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