J.K. Rowling celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Harry Potter” with this sweet tweet

Get ready to feel old. Today marks the 20th anniversary of J.K. Rowling’s first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Surely when Rowling first published the story, she had no idea what would follow — a boundless, international love of the young wizard and his adventures at Hogwarts. And even though the book is currently 20, the love for the story — and the entire series — seems to grow every day.

You might have seen a few tributes to the book on social media (or saw the cool features that Facebook built in to help celebrate) already, but no tribute is better than that from the author herself.

Rowling took to Twitter to write a short but sweet statement to celebrate the anniversary.

(As you can see, the anniversary even has its own hashtag — and through Twitter, you can see a fun hashtag image. Since these are often just reserved for awards shows and political events, we’d say that’s pretty darn magical.)

In response, fans made sure to tell Rowling just how much her beautiful series has meant to them.



In fact, Rowling had roughly 7,000 replies in just four hours after she wrote her tweet.

Speaking of fan reactions, those who choose to use the hashtag have a chance to be featured at King’s Cross.

The location itself, which is featured in the stories, has an extra special meaning to Rowling.

"King's Cross, which is one of London's main railway stations, has a very personal significance for me, because my parents met on a train to Scotland which departed from King’s Cross station," she said in an essay featured on the Pottermore website. "I never knew the slightest indecision about the location of the portal that would take Harry to Hogwarts, or the means of transport that would take him there."

We’re truly in love with these tributes, and will keep reading them throughout the day. Y’know — in between breaks of re-reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone for the 17th time.

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