Here’s why J.K. Rowling just declared this the Age of Hufflepuff

Confession time: I’m like 99% certain that if I ever meet the Sorting Hat, he’s going to sort me into Hufflepuff. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Hufflepuff, it’s just never been our favorite Hogwarts House, you know? Gryffindor’s brave, Slytherin’s cunning, and Ravenclaw’s smart. Meanwhile, Hufflepuff is just a bunch of really nice wizards and witches. And seeing as how I’m terrified of everything, not that evil, and would probably fail out of potions, it’s always felt like I belonged in Hufflepuff more than the others. This is something I’ve long hidden from the (wizarding) world. But not any more.

As of today, I’m no longer going to deny my inner-Hufflepuff, because according to J.K. Rowling herself, we are now entering the Age of Hufflepuff. Badgers, UNITE.

Why is this the Age of Hufflepuff? Recently, Pottermore awarded the annual House Cup to Hufflepuff (because when you join Pottermore, you are sorted into a house, and then — just like at Hogwarts — earn points as you explore the site). In honor of Hufflepuff’s victory, Pottermore paid tribute to a few of Hufflepuff’s greatest, including the one and only Newt Scamander, who we’re going to see in his very own movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. (Everyone should want to be in Hufflepuff if Eddie Redmayne is in Hufflepuff.)

Rowling couldn’t help but notice Pottermore’s Tweet, and replied back, hereby announcing this new era. Move over, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin, and Rowena Ravenclaw. Make way for Helga Hufflepuff. Yellow and black, all the way.

So if you’re like me, out there in the world, uncertain if you should start telling others you’re totally a Hufflepuff, now is the time. We’ve already snagged the Pottermore House Cup for this year — next stop,  Fantastic Beasts, and then the world!

(Image via Pottermore.)

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