HATCH x J.Crew is the maternity workwear collection we’ve all been begging for

Anyone who has been pregnant knows that finding clothes for your rapidly changing body can be a huge struggle. And for parents-to-be who keep their 9-to-5 during pregnancy, finding maternity work clothes can be doubly challenging. When you’re morning sick in the first trimester or rocking a third-trimester bump, you want nothing more than to be comfortable, but office dress codes might not allow you to wear sack dresses all day everyday.

So when we learned that maternity brand HATCH collaborated with J.Crew on a pregnancy-friendly workwear line, we were excited to peep the offerings.

The new HATCH x J.Crew workwear line is currently available on both the J.Crew and HATCH websites. Prices range from $59.50 to $298, making this a reasonably affordable way to look polished even if you’re exhausted from carrying around that bun in the oven. The collection features everything from dresses to blazers to sweaters—with plenty of classic J.Crew pieces to satisfy the brand’s biggest fans. No matter if your workplace keeps things business formal or has embraced casual Friday all week, this line has something for you.

Check out some of our favorite items from this new maternity work clothes collab.

HATCH x J.Crew Regent Blazer in four-season stretch

HATCH x J. Crew Regent Blazer in four-season stretch

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You can never go wrong with a good work blazer. This one, with its eye-catching burgundy color, will make you look ready to dominate the boardroom. You can also snag it in black, if you prefer.

HATCH x J.Crew Résumé Dress in glen plaid

HATCH x J. Crew Resume Dress in glen plaid

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The Résumé Dress is a J. Crew staple, and this version has been redesigned to fit pregnant bodies. It’s currently available for pre-order only, but we have a feeling that the wait will be worth it.

HATCH x J.Crew Button-Up Jumpsuit

HATCH x J. Crew Button-Up Jumpsuit

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This black jumpsuit is versatile enough to wear to both your next big meeting and your next night out with the girls. We’re big fans of a simple yet elegant design.

HATCH x J.Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt

HATCH x J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt

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This is another J. Crew classic that has been reimagined. With an elastic-back waist and a slightly lower rise than the original No. 2 pencil skirt, this piece proves you can have both style and comfort in maternity wear.

HATCH x J.Crew Cameron pant in glen plaid

HATCH x J. Crew Cameron Pant in glen plaid

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The slim-fitting J.Crew Cameron pant has been updated with an elastic-back waist for the new collection.

HATCH x J.Crew open V-neck top in vintage floral

HATCH x J. Crew open V-neck top in vintage floral

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This breezy top features a slightly longer silhouette to ensure that your bump won’t be left out in the cold. But thanks to the lightweight fabric, it’s sure to keep you cool no matter what trimester you’re in.

Bless J.Crew and HATCH for creating this amazing collab. Now, go forth and shop!

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