Why we’re already freaking out about ‘iZombie’

Come spring, there’s going to be a new kickass girl on TV. And, yes, she just happens to be a zombie. The CW is launching its highly anticipated iZombie, which follows a girl named Liv who accidentally contracts the zombie virus. Hey, it happens. But, she still goes on living her life, since I guess iZombie is going to teach us that zombies are people, too. From everything we’ve heard, iZombie appears to be a little Buffy-meets-Warm Bodies-meets-Veronica Mars. Yes, please.

We’re still a few months away from its premiere, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start getting excited about it now. So if you need a quick crash course in why you need to get behind iZombie, we’ve got it right here.

iZombie has a female heroine

That’s right — this zombie story is all about Liv (Rose McIver, from Masters of Sex and Once Upon A Time). The show is also adapted from a DC comic book of the same name. A lot of things have changed from page to screen, including the character’s names and professions, but the fact that it focuses on a girl trying to figure out her new world has very much remained the same. And for that we are thankful. Liv also appears to be pretty badass and sassy, which always makes for a welcomed combination.

Rob Thomas is in charge of it

No, not that Rob Thomas — there’s a singer Rob Thomas and then a brilliant TV Rob Thomas. The second one is the one we’re talking about, and he’s also the guy who’s behind Veronica Mars and Party Down. Once upon a time, he was a writer on Dawson’s Creek, too. We love ALL of those things. So, clearly, the not-singer Rob Thomas has both a glorious sense of humor and a keen sense of what makes a compelling teen drama.

Liv solves crimes!

In what may be a huge nod to Veronica Mars, Liv spends her free time piecing together homicides. She works at a coroner’s — so she can have access to brains, obviously — and when she eats them, she actually absorbs the memories of those who have passed. This neat trick helps out her detective friends, who chalk her intuition up to being “psychic.”

But Liv is not the second coming of Veronica. As Thomas told the Television Critics Association, “Veronica was hardened.” Liv, not so much.

There are multiple zombies

Liv thinks she’s the only zombie out there, until she meets another zombie played by David Anders (and you might remember Anders from one of the best spy shows ever, Alias, where he played one of the best villains ever, Julian Sark). So just how many more zombies are out there?

Check out the trailer for iZombie below, and start getting pumped because this show lands on the CW March 17th.


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