‘iZombie’ got renewed for a second season! Color us psyched!

Liv Moore is going live more! The CW officially announced that one of our new favorite shows, iZombie has been renewed for Season 2.

If you’ve been watching Season 1 of iZombie, created by Veronica Mars mastermind Rob Thomas, you’ll probably agree that there are so many reasons it’s great news. What other show has a med student-turned-zombie solve crimes? Rose McIver, playing the med student Liv Moore (hahaha get it?) gets zombified at a party, but then snags a job as a morgue tech in order to keep a steady supply of brains. Then she uses the memories she accesses from eating dem brains to help crack the case. Think CSI meets Party Down meets Shaun of the Dead.

If you’re late boarding the Z train, no worries: There’s time to catch up! Here are all the reasons we’re thrilled that the show is going to a second season.

Liv is a great lead character

With her book-smarts, cunning wit, bursts of physical strength and pun-derful name, our morgue worker/undead Nancy Drew is a super combo of some of your other favorite fair-haired TV heroines (think Veronica Mars meets Buffy Summers). Sure, sometimes she gets a little help solving her Cases of the Week from the brains that she eats. But even before she started craving craniums, she was, to quote a perfect line, a “dead alabaster badass.”

Liv’s bestie is played by Aly Michalka 

This one’s for you Hellcats, Phil of the Future, Easy A and/or Aly & AJ fans! Aly’s character, Peyton, is a nice foil to Liv, especially since she doesn’t know the truth about her friend and roommate just yet. The only complaint anyone could have about Peyton is there’s not enough of her. Here’s hoping this is the beginning of a beautiful, seasons-long friendship.

Liv’s other bestie and coworker is perfection 

Played by the adorable Rahul Kohli and gifted with some of the best one-liners of the show (i.e. after a woman gets electrocuted, he quips, “Shocking!”), dorky and dutiful Ravi is everything you can ask for in a TV sidekick.

There are great cameos from Veronica Mars alums (and more!)

In the fourth episode, we get some of Veronica Mars’ Dick Casablancas (played by the hilarious Ryan Hansen) and we’re also supposed to see Wallace Fennel (Percy Daggs III) at some point. And you better believe that now that Season 2 is a guarantee, Thomas is working on getting more of our fave Neptune natives on board. (Fingers crossed for Kristen Bell as a corpse of a girl who got dangerously close to sloths!)

P.S. – In “The Exterminator,” Brian Krakow Devon Gummersall makes an appearance for you fellow My So-Called Life-rs.

The credits are totally comics-cal 

The show’s opening sequence is animated in full comic book style by Michael Allred, who drew the graphic novels that inspire the series. And then there’s the damn catchy theme song, “Stop, I’m Already Dead” by Deadboy and the Elephantman.

It’s girl-powered behind the scenes  

This week’s episode, “Dead Air,” was written and directed by women (Aiyana White and Zetna Fuentes, respectively), which is more than you can say for a lot of shows currently airing (American Horror Story has yet to have a female director!). And show’s co-creator is Diane Ruggiero-Wright, who worked on Veronica Mars (show and movie) with Thomas and has helped out on Bates Motel.

Zombies need love too!

And this show gives it to us! Liv has a love interest who’s also a zombie and his name is Lowell and he’s freakin’ precious. Their couple name is Livwell. You’re gonna ship it. HARD.

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