Let’s process that ‘iZombie’ finale together

Last night was the iZombie season finale — and wow, what a finale it was! We were left speechless…for about five minutes — then we couldn’t stop talking about it. Connie and Sulagna, two iZombie die-hards, recorded their deep-dive post-show discussion covering everything from the final twists to the things they want to see in season three. 

Connie: So wow, that finale went through SO MANY THINGS in the last few minutes!! Major going all BAMF on the zombies, Suzuki suiciding himself (I think???) Major being turned, Blaine being UNTURNED, Evan needing to be turned, Liv REFUSING, Peyton is still missing, the Max Rager people are under investigation but it isn’t phasing Vaughn?

Sulagna: Oh my God, that was so intense! The finale really zigzagged everywhere — I loved it, but I actually felt like it was really hard to follow.

Connie: I thought the pacing was really great. Slow at first then ramped up as each act progressed.

Sulagna: Not hard to follow in a bad way — in a Mad Max: Fury Road way, where I have to watch it multiple times to understand. I just feel like they needed another 2-3 episodes but only had one left. Usually the show is amazing at pacing, so maybe it just threw me off.

Connie: Interesting how the brain Liv ate in this final episode was kinda close to her own base personality, just ramped up with the snark a bit. It’s kinda cool how they have this character who is herself, but takes on other personas but still has her own voice that remains underlying in each episode.

Sulagna: Let’s talk about how Major’s thing at Meat Cute was pretty amazing. It was also very disturbing, but this show is already pretty disturbing. Actually, I think the worst thing they did was put that kid on a hook and let him swing so we could see his empty skull.

Connie: OMG that was definitely gruesome and unexpected for network TV! Especially since Major knew that kid from the shelter.

Sulagna: That image is one of the worst I’ve seen on network TV! And I watch Hannibal. But yeah, it was kind of triumphant to have Major kill all those zombies then, although Blaine stabbing him was terrible. And revealing that Liv was a zombie while Major was dying! And then Blaine becoming human! I don’t understand why Liv thought it was a good idea to use the serum on Major immediately though. I know she wanted to help him as soon as possible, but just like, leave it be for a while! Have Ravi re-engineer the formula!

Connie: Seriously! Won’t Ravi be PISSED about Liv using up BOTH the cures? Give it more time to work or for Major to adjust! Her ridding the world of formula probably isn’t what he wants either!! Especially when they’re not sure if it’s gonna work 100%!!

Sulagna: I know, I feel like she’ll really lose Ravi’s trust regarding him telling her stuff. On that note, I wonder what will happen with Peyton and Ravi, individually and together?

Connie: Ravi continues to be amazing and I’m actually really glad they kept him away from all the mayhem. I wouldn’t’ve been able to handle that finale if Ravi was also in danger, my heart was already banging out of my chest.

Sulagna: Yes!!! Not enough in the finale but since the finale was a violent rampage, I was okay with that!

Connie: I wonder if Ravi will make any friends outside of Team Z. I want more backstory, maybe someone he knew is affected or he knows a scientist who can help them.

Sulagna: Yeah man, I need more story. I wonder if there will be another zombie antidote? Maybe just in time for the series finale, hah. Actually no, I’d like Liv to become human for two glorious weeks and then need to go zombie again, to save her brother or something.

Connie: Hmmmm yes this would totally work and will probably be a thing. Hard to make “Hey, we created a formula! Oh no, we lost/used it!” work forever. Perhaps they get an antidote and Liv figures she has to be last to receive it so that she can fight zombies with zombie powers and cure them before curing herself. Also, will Liv choose to save her brother? Will her mother be angry with her for not choosing to save him herself, regardless of whether Evan survives or not; man if they kill him it’d be SO depressing.

Sulagna: I don’t think we know him well enough to kill him.

Connie: I’m gonna hope for a ‘no’ on that one. There will be a last minute save but everyone who doesn’t know the truth will be mad at Liv which will still make her sad and guilty.

Sulagna: I might’ve just given blood no matter what. It’s your brother!!! I bet you’re right, there will be a lot of resentment, but I don’t really want to see that, to be honest. This finale was already so gut wrenching. Also, Ack ack ack Clive finding out about Major. Who can even make sense of what happened in there? I need to go watch the finale again.

Connie: They’re definitely going to find his DNA everywhere since they held him hostage. Poor pretty boy might end up in jail again! I seriously think that because he’s so pretty, they’re taking great pleasure in making his face cut/bloody/bruised as much as possible.

Sulagna: Hah! Also you’re right, Major is clearly being beat up a lot because he’s so pretty. Although, I WOULD NOT be able to bear Ravi or Clive getting hurt, to be honest. It reminds me of the beatings Logan took in Veronica Mars. Oh wait…I guess that means Major/Liv is kind of endgame. But I like that it’s just one small storyline among several others.

Connie: Yeah I think they are. But it’s not really the main point, it’s actually a smaller story than the others, but I’m pretty ambivalent about ships at this point. Major and Liv had nice chemistry though in some scenes I don’t really care.

Sulagna: Yeah, the one thing with the finale I did want more of was Peyton disappearing!

Connie: I also wonder why Vaughn wasn’t fazed about the Max Rager news article.

Sulagna: Actually, I wonder if Super Max is going to turn kids into vampires! (The fact that people no longer need to sleep…) That’s why Vaughn was calm — because once people start turning into vampires, maybe the police will need his help to figure that out?

Connie: Hmm, yeah, there will definitely be nonzombie side effects. I think the comic has were-creatures but I heard the co-creator say that it might be hard to make look real, so maybe they will go with something else, like vampires, as you mentioned.

Sulagna: Also, I figured Cameron was going to kill his friend but even that was a surprise. He was a lucky break, because he was a wrench in Max Rager’s plans. I wonder if he drank that milkshake? Why was that significant? Maybe he was the guinea pig for Super Max. He’d make a hot vampire.

Connie: Oh, snap maybe he IS a guinea pig for Super Max!! That scene was definitely sketchy and we spent a long time on it so that might be what was so important!

Sulagna: And maybe Max Super will turn Peyton into a vampire…she is already a workaholic.

Connie: Yeah if anyone gets a nonzombie side effect, it’d be great for it to be Peyton, especially if she’s being weirded out or judgy so that she can understand what Liv has been going through.

Sulagna: And can you imagine, a vampire and a zombie living together? Plus I bet that would make Ravi/Peyton coupling…weird and funny and interesting.


Sulagna: Yes, zombies of color!!! ZOCs. Suzuki was still brown but he had grey hair but he was older. There were also the POCs who worked in Meat Cute that Major killed — they still had normal skin color. The problem with all these supernatural beings is they make you so pale, apparently. Then again, maybe it’s just the shock? I mean…people of color also tend to look younger longer, partly because the sun bothers us less. Maybe it’s like that? We have more melanin?

Connie: Hmm, I just need them to address it with some seriousness and not as a throw away line, just because it’s a clear marker of zombie-ism that doesn’t make logical sense for a person of color. They could totally make something up about melanin and the sun or whatever, but please address it somehow!!

Sulagna: I hope there are more female characters next season, or at least female characters doing more things.

Connie: YES, definitely needs more ladies on the show. I feel so distanced from Peyton, at the very least bring her back and give her more to do!)

Sulagna: Also, the way it ended…I wonder if this show is going to eventually lead to zombies becoming more regular, that this world will just have to adjust. I don’t know.

Connie: Yeah, would they rip the veil on zombies? I feel like if they do, it’s a season 2 ending move. Good hook for a third season, so maybe they will lead up to that next season….

What did you guys think?

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