This creepy #IWantToBeBuriedWith hashtag is here just in time for Halloween

We know for a fact that we’re being buried with a box of macaroni and cheese and a trusty tube of lipstick, but what does the internet have in mind? People have been sharing their casket must-haves on Twitter using the hashtag #IWantToBeBuriedWith, and the things they are planning to take to the grave are morbidly hilarious.

Scrolling through the hundreds of tweets declaring what Twitter users will be buried with is making us want to rethink our decision. Some are using the contents of their coffin to prep for the afterlife. Others are planning ahead for the zombie apocalypse.

And this user simply wants to keep hackers at bay, even in death.

After the creation of this hashtag, revenge plots have thickened. false


Many want to know if WiFi can be installed below ground. Also, how’s the cell service down there?


And when archaeologists inevitably dig us up thousands of years from now, don’t we want to make a good first impression and tie up any ancient mysteries? false

Well, maybe not all of us are concerned about first impressions and historical accuracy.

Now that we’re in the process of rewriting our burial directions, we’re taking a note from this Twitter user — false

— and also this person.

#IWantToBeBuriedWith is giving us some great coffin decor-inspiration. Maybe we’ll also bring along Beyoncé’s entire discography, and instead of mac and cheese, we’ll go all out and take a five-course Taco Bell meal to the afterlife.

Whoever said “you can’t take it with you” is dead wrong. We have the hashtags to prove it.

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