A former exec at Ivanka Trump’s company said she barely got maternity leave and that’s NOT okay

Ivanka Trump has been both vocal and visible during her dad’s campaign for president, championing his proposals for maternity leave. She often speaks of #WomenWhoWork, a marketing campaign for her clothing company, which celebrates women who have jobs. She’s even got a book coming out next year about working women which promises to offer solutions for boss moms.

But, a woman who worked for Ivanka’s clothing company says there was no maternity leave in place when she started working there, which happened to be when she was 2 months pregnant.

The former Chief Marketing Officer, Marissa Velez Kraxberger, took to Facebook after seeing an ad in which Ivanka and her father promoted their proposed maternity leave plan. Her response? “I felt like I was going to be ill.”

Kraxberger says the women at her company had to go what sounds like full suffragette to fight for eight weeks of leave.

"When I asked [Ivanka] about maternity leave she said she would have to think about it, that at Trump they don’t offer maternity leave and that she went back to work just a week after having her first child."

Kraxberger and the other women at the company understood that going back to work a week after childbirth might be possible for a woman who has a lot of help at home, but is totally unreasonable for most women.

Kraxberger and her team created the hashtag #WomenWhoWork while fighting for eight weeks paid maternity leave. Not surprising that Ivanka Trump sounds totally out of touch with the regular working woman.

The federal government currently guarantees twelve weeks of unpaid maternity leave. Hillary Clinton’s proposal calls for twelve weeks of paid leave for ALL parents regardless of gender, as well as whether the baby is biological or adopted. Now that’ll work.