Ivanka Trump tweeted about unpaid internships using this emoji, and it made everyone SO mad

Ivanka Trump is infamous as the daughter of Donald Trump, but she tweeted about unpaid internships, and her choice of emojis left people a wee bit upset. It seems she may be reaching infamy of her own.

Ivanka Trump’s ~scandal~ causing tweet

Between the choice of what most understand to be a female emoji of color to the use of nonsensical hashtag #nomoneynoproblems, people are *not* pleased.


People are pissed, and with good reason.

Whether they’re upset about the fact that someone with as much money would promote the controversy-causing issue of unpaid interns, or the bizarre decision to use an emoji that looks like a black or brown girl to promote the piece, it all around feels like the sort of thing that someone should have caught before sending out to the masses. If nothing else, it reinforces the idea that the Trumps are *so* far out of touch both in terms race, gender, and class, and it’s a decision that just should have been better.