Ivanka Trump’s tweet about Black History Month is making the internet roll its eyes

February is the shortest month of the calendar year. But it’s also the month that houses Valentine’s and Galentine’s Day. And most importantly, February is Black History Month. So what’s not to love about this month? News like this…Ivanka Trump’s latest tweet had some asking if she really knows why Black History Month is so important. (Aside: should anyone with the last name Trump be talking about BHM?)

While many political figures have shared their thoughts on Black History Month, it was Ivanka’s tweet that caught everyone’s attention. (Let’s not to forget that just days ago that Ivanka changed her Twitter bio to be less feminist.)

What she probably intended to be a kind of “Happy Black History month, y’all” tweet turned into much more.

There were immediate responses for many reasons — from Ivanka truly not understanding the meaning of “sojourners” to the hypocrisy of her father’s actions and words. In her tweet, she called Black icons and freedom fighters like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “sojourners for freedom.” I don’t think “sojourner” was the word she was looking for, as it means someone who resides in a place temporarily.

And then there was that last part of her tweet: "...all Americans, regardless of race or background."

Well, Black History Month is specifically focused on Black Americans, along with their history and achievements that have typically been overlooked.

Some viewed Ivanka’s tweet as removing Black people from Black History Month.


And, of course, we can’t forget the elephant in the White House room. Ivanka’s replies were full of mentions of her father’s problematic and racist views toward Black people, and toward any person of color living in America.


While Ivanka can’t be held responsible for what her father has said and done, she has never come out in opposition of his words — and that boils down to one thing: complicity.


Next year, Ivanka might want to think longer about her Black History Month tweet.