Ivanka Trump shared her New Year’s Resolution, and Twitter had a lot to say

Talk about a land mine. Ivanka Trump just shared her New Year’s Resolution, and it’s not quite what we were expecting. In 2018, she’s resolving to “sleep more,” and the internet is having exactly none of it.

People were quick to point out that their sleepless nights are frequently caused by the happenings of our government, which Ivanka is complicit in promoting. Not to mention the fact that a full night of sleep is a privilege for people who don’t have to work 24/7 in order to make ends meet. Seeing as our minimum wage is stagnant and the tax bill provides zero relief for anybody who doesn’t reside in Ivanka Trump’s tax bracket…yeah. There are lots of sleepless nights to go around.

Along with her tweet, Ivanka shared a link to an article stating that adults should get seven hours of sleep a night in order to avoid adverse health effects. It’s a good New Year’s resolution; we would also kill for a solid night’s sleep every night. But we can’t say we disagree with the denizens of Twitter, either, even though some of their comments were pretty savage. Here’s what they had to say about Ivanka’s plans for 2018.

What COULD the connection possibly be…

Others had strong opinions about who might better benefit from such a New Year’s resolution.



Some used her New Year’s resolution as an opportunity to point out the things that keep them up at night.


Jokes aside, getting more sleep is a New Year’s resolution we would all benefit from taking part in.

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