Here are the most BS things Ivanka Trump said in her Good Morning America interview

After reports emerged that Ivanka Trump used a personal email account to send government-related messages, the first daughter is breaking her silence. In a Good Morning America appearance today, November 28th, Trump discussed everything from her emails to the border patrol’s use of tear gas on migrant families. However, Trump’s interview with GMA‘s Deborah Roberts was full of spin and, in some cases, plain disinformation.

Here were some of Ivanka Trump’s most dubious claims.

1 She called the president “an incredible unifier.”

President Donald Trump’s time in office has been a huge source of contention among Americans. According to RealClearPolitics poll averages from the past three weeks, only 42.7% of Americans currently approve of the job he’s doing. But the first daughter seemed to ignore this fact when she declared that her father was “an incredible unifier.”

"The country is very divided, and it has been very divided, and I've seen my whole life that my father is an incredible unifier," she told Roberts.

In fact, studies show that right-wing extremism has undeniably increased since the election of Donald Trump. According to The Washington Post, this is likely because white extremists feel emboldened by Trump’s thinly-veiled racist rhetoric and dog-whistling.

2 She straight-up lied about her father’s willingness to use lethal force on migrants crossing the border.

On November 22nd, CNN reported that the president said he’d “given the okay” for troops at the border to use lethal force “if they have to.” However, when Roberts pointed that out, the first daughter defended her father.

"I don't believe that that's what he said," she told Roberts, "but his primary role as commander in chief is obviously to protect the nation's borders. He has to protect our country's security."

Meanwhile, she called images of migrant children and their parents getting gassed “devastating,” and said she was upset that “we haven’t been able to come together as a nation and change our laws.” Make no mistake: These are vague and general statements that deflect all accountability from the Trump administration, which is the sole party responsible.

3 Trump said “there’s no equivalency” between her and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email account.

When Roberts asked Trump why she had used a personal email account despite her father’s attacks on Clinton for doing the same thing, Trump demurred and claimed that in her case, the situation was different. She added that her emails mainly concerned “scheduling and logistics” and that they all had been “stored on the White House system.” She even went so far as to say that “we all have private emails” (which is completely besides the point).

Considering the fact that the FBI completely cleared Clinton after an extensive investigation and found no criminal wrongdoing on her part, Trump should actually hope there is equivalency between the two situations.

There’s a reason “misinformation” was just declared 2018’s Word of the Year by (read: because of people like Ivanka Trump). Check your facts before believing anything you read or hear because these are dangerous lies. And we need to hold our leaders accountable.

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