Itty Bitty Love Story of the Day

Well first off, who doesn’t love love? Or even more specific, a good love story? Since I love both love and love stories, I thought I would share a little itty bitty one with you.

You know those cute couples that make you jealous, nauseous and insanely happy and giddy all at the same time? Me too. My stepsister and her recent fiancé are one of them. When they are together or even talk about one another, their faces light up and you can sense the love all around them. Anyway… now for the itty-bitty love story.

Two years ago when I was in Paris, I captured this picture; of two people. Sometimes I follow couples around to snap cute pictures… I know it’s creepy. The picture is actually of a bridesmaid and a groomsman, but I like to think they were a couple; the newlyweds were getting pictures taken in the middle of the street (pretty ballsy, if you ask me). Since my camera had just died (probably karma for following couples around), I had to take this picture on my iPod, which is why the quality is rather unfortunate. But I fell in love with it anyway, so did Meredith.

About a month ago, I got a message on Facebook from John asking me where in Paris the picture was taken. I didn’t even have to ask; I knew that he was going to propose. How insanely romantic is that? Let’s all take a few seconds to give him a round of applause. Excitedly I told him where the photo was taken and continued to live the next month in a state of anticipation. I couldn’t help but to tell everyone I could (but only the people who wouldn’t tell her… mostly, of course). I am not quite sure why I was so excited when I wasn’t the one being proposed to, but I was.

The ring he picked out was gorgeous. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then Meredith definitely has an amazing new best friend. Tragedy almost struck when downtown Calgary flooded. The streets were closed off and the power was down; the ring just so happened to be in a condo downtown. But fear not, all is well. The ring was retrieved.

I knew when the event was to take place and I knew where… throughout my whole shift at work I wanted nothing more than to check my phone. The hands on the clock have never moved slower. After my shift was done I checked Facebook, saw the pictures and I got a text telling me how excited she was. She said yes, of course. I can only imagine the way her face lit up when she realized what was about to happen. I was/am so happy for them and I know they’re going to have an amazing life together. I can’t wait for the wedding. And wedding dress shopping, of course.

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