It’s True What They Say…

I was celebrity browsing the web recently when I came across an article about Backstreet Boy AJ getting hair plugs. As hair plugs go, they looked pretty good. I mean, he still looks drug-weathered and a bit worse for the wear, but I’ll give a solid B+ to the hair. On the same page was a link to an article about Backstreet Boy Nick’s future nuptials. Apparently there is talk about it being a televised special. After actually reading both articles, I would just like to say: Please Stop Ruining My Adolescence.

I was such a BSB fan back in the day. (*N Sync too, but they don’t really apply here) I had every CD, including some European and Australian releases. I had scrapbooks filled with Bop and TV Guide cutouts. My best friends and I taped every tv appearance, and rewatching them at sleepovers. (VHS, you will always have a special place in my heart.) We would giddily discuss what we would do if we ever actually got to meet these dream boys.Those sleepovers with my girl friends are some of the happiest memories I have. I loved staying up all night with them, creating unbreakable bonds over our celebrity crushes.

And that is exactly where I want my memories to stop. I don’t want to see stories about Backstreet Boy weddings, children, drug addictions, weight gain, hair loss, etc. These ‘boys’ were my 13 year old self’s candy-coated, idealized perfection, and partially how I became close with best friends I still have to this day. Dramatic as it may sound, but with each TMZ report I see showing these grown men essentially falling apart, I feel like these memories get tainted just a little. I guess, it’s along the same lines as the whole ‘you should never meet your heroes’ thing. It just makes it that much harder to remember that feeling.

Maybe I need to give up the celebrity page. Read about world events instead. Sure, it will be even darker and more depressing, but I’ll be informed. And as an added bonus, I’ll never have to worry about a balding Justin Timberlake.


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