It’s official: “Girl Meets World” has been canceled

While it had a nice run, all good things must come to an end eventually. It looks like Girl Meets World has officially been canceled by the Disney Channel, after completing three seasons. Three episodes are left to air, with the finale, titled “Girl Meets Goodbye,” set to air on January 20th.

We’ve been sadly prepping for this news for a bit. Just recently, actor and director Rider Strong hinted that the end was near. While we definitely wanted to believe the guy who we know best as Shawn Hunter, we also hoped for a miracle.

Three seasons just seems a little short. We wanted to see the Girl Meets World kids graduate, and this season only saw them enter Abigail Adams High School!

Fingers crossed that we get a TV special, or some kind of reunion, in a few years. Riley Matthews is a pretty amazing character, and we’d love to see where the daughter of Topanga and Cory — our favorite childhood couple — ends up.

These tweets from the Girl Meets World writing team are heartbreaking:

Rowan Blanchard, the young actress who brought Riley to life, also posted an incredible message on her Instagram account. It’s obvious that she’s a bit distraught over the news — and, that just proves how close the cast and crew were.

Sabrina Carpenter, who played Maya Hart, also gave a short tribute to the show.

We know these talented young actresses will find a new show to call home soon. For now, we’ll be setting our calendars to watch these last three episodes. And of course, we’ll never forget the Matthews family.

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