It’s No Fun Being Stuck

Stuckness sucks. You’re unhappy and unable to find a path out. No matter what other people tell you, it’s obvious what you could do. You know how “easy” it is, how “talented” you are, what you “should” be doing. You just can’t or don’t for some invisible reason. It’s as though there’s no clear path in front of you to take: anything you consider putting effort toward is already not gonna work in your heart of hearts. It’s like nothing is the correct answer. It’s like being told to pick up a tool that doesn’t fit in your hand or you’re too tired to pick up. No matter what kind of stuck you are – at work, in love or your general situation in life – there’s a simple solution.

Focus inward. Focus on bettering yourself in one tiny way.

Think about it now. What do you need? What do you crave? What hurts? If you’re stuck focusing on the feelings or actions of another person, stop. It’s irrelevant. Your solution lies inside you. Marinate on it for a while, and whatever you figure out, write down. Say those feelings aloud to yourself.

Now, choose a tiny tool to help you better yourself. A book, a book on tape, a podcast, a YouTube tutorial, a beginner’s fill-in-the-blank kit. It doesn’t matter how small, just pick up any tool that heads in the general direction of this betterment and start using it. Try a wide swath of tools in your category. Remember, it’s hard enough to find a good plumber. Keep trying and you’ll find something that appeals.

Be soothed by the fact that this tiny tool you have picked up is already getting you less-stuck, simply because you picked it up. You’re already on your way. You need to realize that truth and stay focused ahead. Don’t let distractions pull your attention away. If something around you triggers the feeling of stuck-ness again, deflect it and look away! Do not get sucked into the dizzying cloud of worry. It is false. Focus inward: any step you take right now should be a tiny step in the right direction, and that direction is simply, bettering yourself in any way. Grab onto your tiny tool and put your energy and focus back into what you need to solve or work on, for the betterment of YOU, for you.

Your power and beauty lies in the fact that you are already changing for the better. You are empowering yourself to fix this thing that hurts you or upsets you, because you are inviting change into yourself. It has already begun. Whenever you get overwhelmed and start to take in the rest of life and the feelings of others etc, know that you’re returning to the dizzying cloud that got you stuck. Say it again to yourself like a mantra: focus inward.

Remember that right now you’re in one day of a very long life and you cannot predict the future. Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a tiny speck on a planet amongst billions and billions of stars. These things, though they feel big and insurmountable right now are quite tiny in the scheme of your life and future, and that change, like a current, has already begun to flow. You have no idea what the future holds, and it will be much different than what you’re feeling, right now. Everything will change, so let go of the worry. Turn around and look inward. What do you want to better about yourself, for yourself, right now?

Happy Sunday, friends, xox Sarah

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