It’s Election Day, and HelloGiggles urges you to vote!

To say this election has been exhausting would be an understatement — if you need a break from social media for awhile, we totally get it. Because regardless of which presidential candidate you side with, it’s true that these last couple years have been polarizing in terms of our country’s political and social climate. We’ve heard a lot of hateful words, we’ve read countless stories from all kinds of perspectives (many we don’t agree with), we’ve witnessed a kind of clashing in the U.S. that is unique to our generation. And it’s all coming to a head today, Election Day.

Which brings us to say, make sure you vote today (if you haven’t already). We don’t know who you’re voting for, and we don’t really care either way. What’s important is that you, reader, are letting your voice be heard. And while we are total proponents of post-election self-care, go out and cast your ballot so we can collectively heal as a nation.

Here’s who HG editorial is voting for and why.

"Growing up, I did not know that it was possible for a woman to be President of the United States. It never once crossed my mind and was a scenario I couldn't even imagine, a fairy tale of sorts. That, in and of itself, is a significant and far-reaching problem — but we now have a chance to change this. To make what was once a dream, a reality for young girls everywhere." -Anna Gragert, Associate Editor

"I'm with Hillary because she is the only person on the ballot with the experience to run our country. The FBI has found no criminal wrong doing in her email #scandal. Even the parents of a Benghazi victim don't even blame Hillary! If you think she's a liar or untrustworthy, I would urge you to check Politifact, a Pulitzer prize winning site that fact checks all politician's statements and systemically rates Hillary as more trustworthy than even Bernie Sanders!" -Madison Vanderberg, Senior Editor

"Hillary Clinton was an icon to me back in elementary school — in a way, I feel like I grew up with her. I'm not voting for Hillary because she's a woman, but I'm voting for her because she's living proof that strong women are completely capable of successfully leading our country. She's got everything it takes to make America shine even brighter, and I'm so thrilled that she's representing the Democratic party." -Karen Belz, Writer

"I'm voting for Hillary because, full disclosure, I'm a passionate Democrat and her platform is in line with many of my basic values. But MORE than that, I'm with her because a reality in which a person like Donald Trump represents me, my country, or our collective values is unthinkable." -Toria Sheffield, News Editor

"A few years ago, I got to see Hillary Clinton speak here in L.A. She explained her goals and accomplishments as Secretary of State with such grace and clarity — I thought if I ever needed brain surgery, I'd want her in charge of my operation. Obviously, now I want her in charge of our country! #HillYES" -Christina Wolfgram, Video Producer

"I'm voting for Hillary for a whole lot of reasons — but *especially* because I want a president who will protect health care access, protect my right to bodily autonomy, and appoint Supreme Court judges who advocate for social justice. I'm voting for Hillary because she is so strong. She is brilliantly capable and astoundingly experienced — like, more experienced than any candidate ever." -Rachel Sanoff, Features Editor

"Of course, I'm voting for Clinton because of her extensive experience and her policies, if enacted, are in line with my values. This might sound sort of sappy, but I was super sold the moment I saw her hug Chelsea and rub her back when she came onstage at the DNC. She just looked like a MOM. Like, that's a mom-hug. It made me realize how important it will be to have a woman in the WH. Yes, it's about politics, too, but it's also about what makes someone good at politics. I think she's just a critical thinking, power-through it, authentic human being (which means she makes mistakes, too).That's who I want in the White House and representing Americans abroad. Also, she admitted that she watches Madame Secretary and The Good Wife and the fact that she's into CBS Sunday drama kind of cracks me up. " -Karen Fratti, Weekend Editor

"There are many reasons I am proud to vote for Hillary Clinton, but I will distill it to two short and sweet sentences: Hillary has dedicated her live to serving the people and she seeks to unify, not divide, our country. I’m With Her because women’s rights are human rights." -Emily Popp, Deputy Editor

And as for me, I already mailed in my ballot, but I’m with Hillary all the way because I’m excited about the things she’ll be able to do for women (empower them, support their right to choose what they do with their bodies, and recognize that equal pay is an important issue we must put to the forefront), as well as the country.

Regardless of who you support and why, we encourage you to vote, vote, vote!