It’s All Donkeys And Elephants To Me!

All we’ve heard in the last two weeks from Washington is Republicans Republicans Democrats Republicans – you get the point. Politics these days is so partisan (split into parties) it’s almost impossible for anyone to make an impartial judgment about any situation – least of all, the partisan hullabaloo that just ended in Congress yesterday. Fear not! One quick rundown of what happened in Congress coming right up!

Donkeys – a.k.a. Democrats

Democrats came out of the government shutdown relatively unscathed. The Democratically run Senate came up with the winning bill which ended the shutdown, and every single Democrat in the House of Representatives (and Senate) voted to open the government on October 16th. However, it is worth noting that the Democrats refused to agree to a plan that cut funding to the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), a law that was upheld by the Supreme Court, a key reason why the government hadn’t opened in two weeks.

Elephants – a.k.a. Republicans

Many Republicans, specifically those in the House of Representatives came out of the government shutdown very scathed, but not at all shamed. 144 Republicans voted NO to open the government and fund all legal laws in the government, but good news is that 87 Republican Representatives (out of the 232 total House Republicans) voted YES on reopening the government. Republican Senators like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, along with Speaker of the House John Boehner have been noted for their inability to compromise and their manhunt against Obamacare.

Give me an unbiased un-partisan review please!: No can do! Almost everybody in Congress (the House of Representatives and the Senate) are voting by party lines. Shout out to the 87 Republicans who voted against party lines to open up the government, even though they, in general, want it to be known that they are still Republicans in nature.

This is not what George Washington wanted!: Correct concerned citizen! George Washington, in the speech he gave just before stepping down from his second term of presidency, claimed that the US needed to do just two things. 1. Not be fiscally dependent on other countries, and not get involved in their matters and 2. Don’t be divided within ourselves. Sorry George.

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