It’s a tie for this week’s ‘Orphan Black’ Clone Club MVP

This week’s Orphan Black didn’t make picking an MVP very easy. There were so many good scenes and moments that it’s almost impossible to keep track, but let’s try. We loved everything Scott related! We loved Felix for being so kind and for his American accent! We loved the lovely Mexican diner owner who didn’t rat Sarah and Helena out to (a lightly toasted and fried) Doctor Coady! Basically we had such a hard time picking an MVP that we cheated and picked two. Sorry not sorry.

Our MVPs are Krystal and Helena. Krystal, for her heart and her sacrifice, and Helena for her humor and her awkward facial expressions.

Krystal, who was only meant to be a blip in the premiere, seen only on the security tape when Rudy and Seth attacked her, returns and is one of Tatiana Maslany’s best short-lived clone performances. Much like Tony from last season, Krystal is in and out, but leaves her mark on those she encounters. Choice quotes include: “I used to trust people and now I feel like I have to be paranoid all the time.”

Krystal has been freaking out since her run-in with Rudy and Seth. She thinks twins are “creepy” and she watched them kill a security guard for no reason. Since the ordeal, she’s been alone — they killed her monitor/boyfriend Hector — so she’s been trying to figure everything out on her own. She’s wonderfully naive, both about Clone Club and about the horrors of the life she lives on the edge of, and it’s endearing.

Another choice quote? “I just feel like, in spite of everything — as hard as it is, losing Hector — you can’t crush the human spirit.”

But maybe they can? We, hardly knew you, Krys. 

And then there’s Helena. Darling Helena. Every scene she was in this week lit up our hearts with how funny it was and how charming she is. We rarely get to see her in homey settings like Alison’s suburban neighborhood, so seeing our little fish out of her dark and edgy water was so funny. It’s nice to see her comfortable, not constantly watching her back or looking for her next target. We loved her playing with Gemma and being so awkward in her “sestra Alison” clothes.  When Helena flirted with Donnie, it was the most LOL funny the show has been in a while. “You have meat on your bones. You are strong like a baby ox. This I like.”

And when Helena reconnected with Gracie? Well that warmed our hearts as well. “You will be auntie to my baby, yes?”

That cheek kiss? So fumbly, but determined! Helena is finally where she needs to be, surrounded by tons of family who love her and want to look out for her and will teach her how to be a (somewhat) normal person. Helena laughing and smiling is the MVP of our hearts.

We refused to choose between Helena and Krystal, but who’d be your number one Clone Club MVP this week?

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