Item(s) of the Day: Retro Christmas Gifts for Kids

Hear ye! Hear ye!  Christmas is coming as it does every year and that means finding the perfect gift for friends and family. Some of us have little friends and family in our lives – no, not Borrowers – I mean kids! And I don’t know about you, but I think a lot of people (children especially) need to back away from their gadgets and gizmos and cozy up to the power of their own imagination, or at least entertainment that doesn’t emanate radiation.

Enter ROMP, an online boutique founded by actress Kellie Martin that features heirloom quality and unique children’s toys. She has created a developmentally conscious selection with pieces encouraging creative and imaginative play. From the favorites you played with as kids to new and adorable toys you’d wish you’d had a kid, there’s something for everyone.

You can’t go wrong with a wooden yoyo. It’s simple and seriously so much fun. Just watch out, it’s for ages 4 to 94. So you 3 and 95 year olds, keep walkin’!

Let’s really get back to basics with marbles. They’re cute, small, and can actually teach kids not only about colors and numbers but good sportsmanship, too!

These are bright, cheery, and the planes and helicopters have movable propellors. And let’s not kid ourselves, these are most likely going to end up in a child’s mouth at some point since they kind of look like vehicular skittles – but fear not! The paints are totally non-toxic with all natural wood polish. Not delicious, but not a danger to curious young’uns.

My personal favorite gift, as my own childhood tea set inspired a lifelong love of tea. Let your kids let loose and tea party with friends, dolls, stuffed animals, or you. And maybe steal the charming carrying case to use as your own little craft box…

And there’s nothing like the feeling of crafting your own clothes and accessories. You know, like Amish people do. I kid. But it’s never a bad thing to teach anybody the art of knitting and sewing, and this kit has everything you need to get started. This is great for adults, too, since it’s the perfect gift to give to those living in cold climates. Get them to stop complaining about how chilly it is and start knitting a scarf!

And if you just can’t tear the kids away from technology, make the separation more palatable by trading out on iPhone for this beautiful wooden camera,  It’s a great way to get them to look around and appreciate the beauty that surrounds.

And for the owl lover in your life, this what a hoot set is perfection. The set includes a tote, accessory pouches, and a delightful bespectacled owl necklace. Owls: gotta love’em, gotta wear’em.

Be sure to check out ROMP for more retro awesome gifts for young and old alike. From sophisticated to silly, each handpicked item is something I’d happily give to a child or steal from one.

All available purchase from ROMP and be sure to check out their Facebook page!

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