Item of the Day: Zevia Stevia-Sweetened Soda

Listen, y’all know I have a Diet Coke addiction that used to be pretty out of control. These days, I’ve mostly broken that awful habit, and it’s in large part thanks to Zevia. If you’ve never had it or heard of it, Zevia is soda sweetened with stevia instead of aspartame or some other combination of chemicals that you know you’re secretly afraid are going to kill you. It’s delicious, and even moreso since you can drink it in peace, knowing it’s not bad for you.

There are tons of flavours available, from Cherry Cola and Root Beer to Cream Soda, Orange, Strawberry and Ginger Ale (and more). There’s something for everyone, and every flavour is seriously delicious. You can pick some up at your local Whole Foods, Target, Walgreens, Ralphs, etc. For more locations, check the website – you can even order some online! You certainly won’t regret it.