Item of the Day: ‘Veronica Mars’… THE MOVIE

Oh readers, I’m so freaking excited I can hardly contain myself.

You may have grown up with Dawson’s Creek. You may have gone to college with Felicity. But you got down and dirty and into trouble with Veronica Mars and her friends.

Since the fan-popular show ended after only 3 seasons, there has been rumor after rumor of a possible movie. Kristen Bell has talked about it. Rob Thomas has talked about it. Every single time, the internet has exploded with supportive cries from fans, “Please! PLEASE give us more!”

And here it is: They are doing it. Or they’re trying to.

With Kickstarter, Bell and Thomas are seeking funding directly from the fans to get their movie made with the full blessing of Warner Brothers.

Color me excited. Go check out the rewards because the lower, entry level ones are pretty awesome, and if you’re completely loaded, I hear you can even score yourself a part in the movie.

Go! Fundraise! Bring us more Veronica Mars!

Veronica Mars the Movie Kickstarter

Image via HitFix

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